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Iscariot is the story of Carson, a young woman taught magic by a rebellious old magician as she lives with cancer, and of her struggles to adapt to what her life becomes. To be published by Archaia Entertainment October 7th, 2015


Explore the history of The Dreamstone—a magical relic that gives Fabian Gray his ghostly powers—and introduces us to a brave medieval knight named Emma. The story also features demons, wizards, a bold new villain with supernatural powers, and some famous literary figures making surprise appearances. Published by Image Comics in 2015.


When her brother is kidnapped by a witch, a young princess must venture into the mysterious forest beyond the castle. There, the Lord of the Forest, an armor clad spirit who watches over the wilderness, comes to her aid, but the princess must rely on her wits to discover who she can trust before her family is cursed forever. Published by Archaia Entertainment in 2014.

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